National Pasture

Our Goals

Promoting Domestic Investment in Pasture Production for Export.

About The Facility

The National Pasture Development Facility (NPDF) seeks to engage small holder pasture farmers, small, medium and large farmers; government owned grazing reserve facilities, investors and service providers towards producing high quality pasture, specifically, Rhodes Grass for the export markets. The Facility and the national Rhodes Grass production program are managed by Commodities Development Initiative (CDI) – the parent body of the Nigeria Agribusiness Register- in partnership with Government and donor partners.

The Goal

Our goal is to put Nigerian made Rhodes Grass (Chloris Guyana) in the international export market through providing end to end services and support to the value chain. In partnership with Government, we are using the NPDF to promote and facilitate the cultivation, processing and aggregation of high quality Rhodes Grass for the Middle East market.

The Product

Rhodes grass is a perennial or annual tropical grass. It is a leafy grass, 1-2 m in height, highly variable in habit. It’s one of the improved pasture species in Nigeria that has been increasingly cultivated over the last few years in the country due to its high dry matter yield, favorable economics of cultivation, and superiority over other perennial forage grasses. We need 20,000 metric tons of Rhodes Grass hay monthly to fulfill our market requirements.

Quality Required

We export the A+ quality of Rhodes Grass with controlled moisture. See detail specifications below:

Investment Opportunities

To produce Rhodes Grass of the desired quality and quantity, we have chosen to adopt the Farming-As-A- Service (FAAS) model. Also through a partnership approach involving us, the government and producers (PPPP), we intend to consistently put Nigeria Rhodes Grass in the international market for mutual benefits of all stakeholders.

You can participate in this opportunity through the following ways:

  1. As a State Government partner, facilitate and support farmers and investors in your state to participate through your Grazing Reserve facilities.
  2. Invest in owning and operating a pasture field in your community that will be connected to a pasture collection center.
  3. Invest in owning and operating an ‘Area or State Pasture Collection Centre’ through a CDI Franchise.
  4. Be a service provider offering farm management and other agro related services to our farmers, processors and others within the value chain.
  5. Be trained as an extension agent (EA) providing services to farmers.

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